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The Department of Garden Design creates beautiful spaces that reflect your lifestyle and needs.


We think beyond flowers and trees to design your outdoors to create a space where you want to spend time and that showcases your home.

Choosing the right plants for the right place
We work by listening to ideas and preferences

What we do

Our focus is residential gardens and landscapes

We offer: 

  1. planting plans, for any spaces you need to fill or re-model

  2. garden design advice if you need ideas to establish, reinvigorate or re-shape your space (virtual and in person).

  3. concept garden designs, designing your space to be right for you and your needs

We design courtyards, balconies, urban and rural gardens

How we work

We listen to your ideas and preferences and work with you to tailor a design 

Our aim is practical and beautiful designs to shape your garden to be your perfect place

We offer a service that is reliable, mature with good communication

Fees are agreed in advance of all work

If you have an unusual space, contact us to chat about what we can offer

Image by Annie Spratt

The Department of Garden Design is a Canberra based landscape design business, specialising in residential and rural outdoor spaces.

Our principal designer, Sachi Wimmer (she/her) holds a BSc (Hons) in Botany from Sydney University. Sachi is both a passionate plant and design enthusiast, and a Canberra local who has an in-depth understanding of the region's environment, having owned, designed and developed a number of gardens in the area 

At the Department of Garden Design, we create unique and beautiful design solutions that cater to our clients' preferences. We know that your outdoor space is a valuable part of your property, offering a place to relax, re-energise and connect with family and friends and that it needs to reflect what is important to you. We also understand the importance of effective collaboration and communication and work closely with our clients to ensure that all needs and expectations are met. 


why us?


Department of Garden Design


Deakin, ACT

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