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Planting plan service
Image by Josefin

01. Planting plan

Planting plans provide a design service for those people who are struggling with what to plant where - to maximise aesthetics and survivability. Or maybe you want to provide your landscapers with planting direction and avoid those generic mass plantings and rows!

They can be for an entire garden or just a part. 


Step 1: Site consultation  

Sachi meets you in your space to discuss your needs and preferences. She will assess the prevailing environmental conditions and understand the surrounds and existing layout. 

She will take photos and measurements of the area for planting. The consultation takes around 90 minutes

Step 2: Planting plan 

Sachi will develop your planting plan which details the proposed plants, suggested siting, quantities needed and general planting instructions. The planting plan includes a list of plants with images, botanical and common names.

Gardens evolve over time. This offers opportunities and challenges; your original garden may not be what you now have.


An originally sunny site has become a shady jungle, that sandpit is no longer needed or you never use your garden as planned... Maybe it is all just tired, or your taste has changed. 

Sometimes you just need advice - whether you are thinking about building a new garden, redeveloping or reinvigorating your existing garden .

To provide design advice, Sachi will walk through your garden with you (either virtually or in person) and offer ideas on how you might improve your space, be that through changing the layout, planting suggestions or hardscaping. 

You may also choose to invest in a short report where the ideas you discussed are outlined with concept suggestions.

Image by Orkhan Farmanli

02. Garden design advice

Design advice
Complete design service
Image by Thor Alvis

03. Concept garden design

A concept garden design will provide you with a design that you can either work towards building yourself or take to a landscaper to discuss the details of how you might build and bring the design to life. 

Step 1: Site consultation 

Sachi will meet with you to discuss your needs and preferences and look at your space. This includes, what you might want to retain (or not), how you plan to use the space and identifying any particular challenges.

Sachi will also take photos and measurements of your space. This consultation takes up to 90 minutes. 

Step 2: Concept garden design

From the consultation, Sachi will provide you with a concept garden design. 

This is drawn to scale and provides a suggested layout, materials, key plantings and garden features. Depending on your needs, the concept design may include hardscape elements such as decks, paving, pergolas, ponds, pools and walls. It will include drawings or images to help you see your garden's potential. 

1.     Planting plan

  •  From $1045* includes general planting advice

2.     Garden design advice

  • Site Consultation $220/hr (up to 90 min)**

  • Report capturing key points $660

  • Additional time $220/hr

3.    Concept garden design

  • Call out $220/hr (up to 90 min)**

  • Concept plan and plant list $1925

  • Additional time $220/hour 

(You will need to provide a site plan for your property- either a site survey or scaled house plan with accurate measurements before the designing can begin. Please discuss if you have concerns). 

* priced based on size and complexity. A quote will be provided and confirmed once the space is viewed

** this is the first step of the service and the base requirement 

Fees are GST inclusive, set in advance and not negotiable. A 50% deposit is required

Variations to any services or additional requirements are agreed up front and priced separately

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